The Pride Go Go Ultra Lite Handles Short Trips Perfectly

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The Pride Go Go Ultra Lite is the perfect scooter for short trips outside of your home. It only weighs 97 pounds, but it is fully capable of traveling in the open air to get you where you are going. This model also performs well inside on flat surfaces. With all of its many features in place, you receive worry-free transportation that helps you remain independent and actively engaged in life's daily events.

The Pride Go Go Ultra Lite scooter has a top speed of 4 mph, and it can travel slightly over 7 miles on a fully charged battery. You can charge the battery right on the scooter or disconnect the battery box and charge it at another location. While it is built for its lightweight feature, it can support up to 260 pounds. 

This model also provides portability through its easy-to-disassemble feature. In mere seconds, this scooter breaks down into five individual components, allowing you to tuck it into the car's trunk easily. The heaviest piece is a mere 33 pounds, so most people have little to no difficulty moving it. 

 The Pride Go Go Ultra Lite is available in a 4-wheel version as well as a 3-wheel model. Both vehicles have been tested for stability, reliability, and performance. While both the 3-wheel and 4-wheel scooters perform well, the 4-wheel model does offer slightly more stability than the 3-wheel vehicle. 

 Basic features offered by this scooter include the following components:

  • 3 or 4 wheels
  • Front basket
  • Flat-free tires
  • Drop-in battery box
  • Easy disassembly
  • Black vinyl swivel seat
  • On-board charging located on the battery box
  • Off-board charging capability
  • Limited lifetime warranty on the frame, seat post, and tiller frame
  • Limited 24-month warranty on electronic components, including electronic controllers, chargers, and harnesses
  • Limited 24-month warranty on brakes, transaxles, bushings, and bearings
  • Limited 6-month warranty on battery

The Pride Go Go Ultra Lite scooter has a lot to offer. Each aspect of this vehicle is included to help create convenience, ease of use, superior performance, and exceptional value. These features include:

  • Turning radius of 43.25 inches
  • Top speed of 4 mph
  • Driving distance of 7.2 miles on a full battery charge
  • Overall length of 39.5 inches
  • Overall width of 19.5 inches
  • Ground clearance of 1.3 inches
  • Climbing angle of 8 degrees
  • Seat width of 17 inches
  • Seat depth of 17 inches
  • Seat to ground depth between 18.25 and 20.25 inches
  • Seat to deck height of 17.25 inches
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Flip-back arm rests
  • 7 inch front wheels
  • 8 inch rear wheels

Additional features offered by the Go Go Ultra Lite include:

  • Rear wheel drive
  • Front frame-mounted seat post
  • Non-scuffing tires

The Pride Go Go Ultra Lite is manufactured by a company known to instill excellence into each of its products. This scooter offers durability in construction, convenience with easy-to-use features, and hassle-free dependability. It offers an entry-level option for individuals who are just beginning to use a scooter, while also delivering exceptional performance and competitive affordability. 

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