Here at Las Vegas Mobility Store, we carry several styles, sizes, colors, and fabrics in lift chairs, so our customers have options when it comes to choosing the chair they are going to spend a couple of hours in each day. Obviously, you want comfort along with reliability, which is why we offer several styles in lift chairs, giving our customers the options they need to find one that fits their personal circumstances. Isn't it time that you found an easier way to get out of your seat without having to ask someone to help? Please browse through our selection to find the lift chair that best meets your needs.


A Look at Lift Chairs


A lift chair is designed with a specialized mechanism that lifts the chair up and out of its resting position to assist the user in getting out of the chair. It looks just like a normal chair when it is sitting on the floor with the exception that it is positioned in a metal base. Typically, the base is not visible unless you lift the skirt of the chair when it is in a sitting position.


A lift chair recliner is designed to allow you to move the back of the chair into a slanted position. Some chairs have two or three reclining positions while other models feature unlimited reclining capability. The reclining lift chair is also designed to lift up, making it easier for the user to step out of the chair.


Comfort, Convenience, and Functionality


It is easy to appreciate the comfort offered by lift chairs and recliners. Today's styles are fashionably attractive as well as functional. The use of a lift chair promotes health and wellness through the comfortable seating it provides as well as by delivering relaxation to your body. When you use a lift chair, you know that you can easily get out of the chair once you are ready to do so. You won't have to struggle to stand up. You will also have access to arm rests that provide excellent gripping capability, giving you the added assistance you need to move your body out of the lift chair.


The Comforter Series in Lift Chairs


The Comforter Series line of lift chairs provides two sizes, standard and wide, making it easy to find a chair that fits your body physique comfortably. Along with a three-year warranty, they offer dual motors as well as a back-up battery in the event the electrical power goes out. With several colors to choose from, the Comforter Series lift chairs provide flexibility in choosing a chair that fits in with your existing home décor. Its unlimited reclining capability delivers an exceptional level of comfort, making it easy to see why this particular chair is so popular.


The MaxiComfort Series in Lift Chairs


The MaxiComfort Series features quality lift chairs designed to provide an exceptional level of comfort and functionality. Several color options are available, so you can easily find something you like. This style of lift chair is equipped with heat and massage options, adding another level of comfort to its design. Unlimited reclining capability enhances the ability to relax while sitting in this chair. Plus, it offers a back-up battery for power, so you never have to worry that you won't be able to get out of the chair if the power goes out.


The Value Line in Lift Chairs


Offering an exceptional level of affordability, our line of Value Line lift chairs provide excellent lumbar support along with a superior arm design featuring easy gripping for transfer into and out of the chair. You have your choice of five basic colors as well as the option to upgrade your selection for a fee. This chair provides comfort that you can appreciate, and it slips into two or three different reclining positions, allowing you to achieve comfort according to your personal preferences. Some models even offer options for massage and heat, which is a nice feature even if you do not suffer from soreness and muscle ache.


Each of the lift chairs available on our online store offers consistent performance that you can rely on each time you use it. Since the requirements of our customers vary, we offer several styles and models in different price ranges so that the needs of each shopper can be met. In order to provide worry-free purchasing, we obtain our lift chairs from reliable manufacturers who offer durability and quality in each of the products they make.