If you are having a little difficulty getting around your neighborhood, workplace, or home, a mobility scooter might be exactly what you need. Designed to get you from one place to another without causing physical strain or discomfort, scooters come in several different styles. Each of these styles offers certain advantages unique to their category in regard to the rider's weight and physical capabilities, as well as the distance the rider intends to travel on a regular basis, the layout of the individual's home or place of employment, and the size of the neighborhood.

Types of Mobility Scooters

Mobility scooters can be divided into two basic categories - 4-wheel mobility scooters and 3-wheel mobility scooters. Each of these categories is then divided into three additional categories - travel, standard, and heavy-duty models. Of course, you can find even more styles such as the all-terrain scooters, recreational scooters, and folding scooters. The type of mobility scooter that you should buy is determined by what you intend to use it for as well as by your physical characteristics. While you can simply pick any scooter to buy, you might not enjoy riding it as much as you would if you actually took the time to get assistance in figuring out which style is going to best meet your needs regarding your intended activities and physical size.

Figuring Out Which Style of Scooter to Buy

 If you need help deciding which mobility scooter is going to be the best one for you, please ask one of our customer representatives for help selecting your model. Our technicians are standing by to answer your questions no matter how trivial your concerns might seem to you. We know just how important the purchase of a mobility scooter is for your future, so we take the time to answer the right questions while we get to understand your needs and wants. For example, we will ask:

.   How often you intend to use your scooter

.   Where you intend to ride your scooter

.   How much you weigh

.   If you have any physical limitations

.   What accessories you are interested in buying

.   If you prefer certain features in your scooter

Top Brands in Mobility Scooters

Here at Las Vegas Mobility Store, we only carry scooters known to deliver quality performance and reliability, because we want to make sure our customers receive the very best for their money. We source our mobility products from the top brands selling mobility equipment today, including Buzzaround, Pride, Cirrus, and LiteRider. Most of the models we sell are designed to hold up to 300 pounds, although some models are not. Scooters provide smooth riding and attractive styling.


Special Features in Mobility Scooters


You can forget about older styles of scooters with their clunky designs, uncomfortable seating, and dull colors when you make the decision to buy a mobility device. Today's scooters offer a number of user-friendly features including:

.   Upholstered seating

.   Reinforced seams

.   Molded cushions

.   On-board battery chargers

.   Off-board battery chargers

.   Standard colors and upgraded colors

.   Accessories

  1. Extra batteries

.   Different sizes ranging from small to large



Trying to Figure Out Which Scooter to Get?


A person's size is perhaps the most important factor in choosing a personal scooter. When you consider size, you must include height, weight, and width. For one thing, scooters are designed to handle a certain amount of weight and no more. For another thing, the width of your bottom limits your choices because some scooters might be too narrow. Plus, your height is going to affect your selection because certain models are going to be either too low to the ground or too high.


When you are looking at mobility scooters, you should keep these helpful guidelines in mind:

.   The width of the seat should be as wide as the rider's bottom with an extra two inches added to this measurement.

.   The height of the seat should allow the rider to reach objects on tables without the need to strain muscles.

.   The comfort offered by the footrest is going to be important. Consider whether you want the footrest to be level or if you want the toes to reach upward at a higher angle than the heels.

Today's scooters are perfect for so many different activities that it is easy to see why someone would buy one. You can use a mobility scooter to run errands, go shopping, navigate your workplace, take day trips, go on vacations, attend church services, go to gatherings with friends, and get around the neighborhood. If you are going to buy one today, be sure to look at:

.   Travel, standard, and heavy-duty

.   4-wheel mobility scooters

.   3-wheel mobility scooters

.   All-terrain scooters

  1.  Recreational scooters

.           Folding scooters