Buzzaround XL HD Suspension GB117z

  • $1,299.99

BuzzAround XLS-HD Mobility Scooter

Golden Technologies model GB117Z 

The Buzzaround XLS-HD Compact Scooter offers increased weight capacity of 325 lbs. and easy 4-step disassembly. The BuzzAround XLS-HD uses an advanced wireless connector system for easy frame disassembly/assembly.

The Portable Travel Scooter combines cutting edge technology with attractive designs that are also highly functional in today’s world. The Buzzaround XLS-HD Scooter will give you years of dependable operation and will also enhance the quality of your life by providing you with the mobility to experience a more active daily lifestyle.



Length: 42.5”
Width: 21.5”
Seat size: 18"W x 16"D vinyl
Seat weight: 21 lbs.
Seat Height: 21" - 23"
Tires: Foam filled non-pneumatic
Front tire: 8”
Rear tire: 8”
Rear Anti-Tipper Wheels: 2"
Max speed: 4 mph
Ground clearance: 3.00”
Maximum incline: 6°
Weight Capacity: 325-lbs.

Operating Range: 
Battery range using: 2-22Ah batteries: 14 mile range

Turning radius 37”
3 point turn 39”
90 degree corridor turn 29”

Batteries: 2 x 22 Amp hour 12volt batteries
Charger: Off board

Weight without Batteries: 81 lbs.
Battery Pack Weight: 29 lbs.
Front half weight: 35 lbs.
Rear half weight: 25 lbs.

Freewheel mode: Yes
Electronic speed control: Yes
Brakes: Electro-mechanical

Rear-wheel drive: sealed transaxle, motor 24 VDC
Controller: 50 amp/Dynamic R Series