Drive Power Mobility Trailer

Drive Power Mobility Trailer

  • $219.00
  • Save $61


  • Can tote around up to 55 lbs. of materials 
  • Great for yard work, small tools and even your dog!
  • Tough aluminum frame
  • Weight Capacity: 55 Lbs.
  • Weight: 10 Lbs.


The Power Mobility Trailer by Drive is a quick and easy way to carry larger items behind your scooter or heavy duty power wheelchair. It is compatible with the following scooters and power wheelchairs: Ventura, Ventura DLX, Prowler, Odyssey, Cobra, Maverick, Trident, Trident HD, Titan and Image EC and attaches to the accessory bracket on the rear of the mobility device. It has a 55 pound weight capacity and measures 25"L x 25"W x 22"H. The Power Mobility Trailer has a durable aluminum frame, removable cover, large 12" pneumatic tires and can fold compactly for storage.