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About Las Vegas Mobility Store!

As a Nationwide Dealer For Mobility Equipment Including Mobility Scooters, Power Chairs, Lift Chairs, Vehicle Lift's, Stair Lift's, Scoota Trailer. Customization of Your House To Properly Fit  Mobility Equipment. Las Vegas Mobility Store Recognizes The Importance of Providing Parts and Service for All Makes and Models of Equipment They Sell. We Know Just How Essential Your Equipment Are, So We Will Do Everything In Our Power To Get It Serviced Quickly and Efficiently, But Most Importantly Back To Manufacturer Certified Job, Allowing You To Get Back To Your Normal Routine Without Delay.

Equipment We Service

Here at Las Vegas Mobility Store, we service the following types of power equipment:

  • Mobility Scooters / Power Wheelchairs 
  • Travel, Standard, & Heavy-Duty Scooters
  • 4-Wheeler Mobility Scooters 
  • 3-Wheel Mobility Scooters   
  • All-Terrain Mobility Scooters 
  • Recreational Scooters ( Call For More Info )
  • Folding Scooters Travel Scooters
  • Lift Chairs   (Pride Lift Chair's, Golden technologies Lift Chair)
  • Power Chairs  

Currently, We Are Certified To Repair Mobility Equipment From The Following Brands:

  • Golden Technologies ( All Buzzaround) Scooter's-Power Chairs-Lift Chair's) 
  • Pride Mobility ( All Pride Equipment)
  • USA Free Rider 
  • Drive Medical 
  • Nova
  • Glion Snap N Go 

If you require assistance with a brand that we do not sell, you might need to request repairs or service from a supplier technician. Our serviceman will let you know if it is necessary to schedule your service elsewhere. Even if we do not sell the particular brand or model of scooter, power chair, or lift chair that you own, we should be able to source the parts that you need to replace.

Batteries for Power Equipment

If you are experiencing charging issues with the batteries for your power equipment, it is time to get this problem taken care of now. Give us a call 702-330-3031, and we will assist you in determining what is causing the problem. Most likely, it is simply time to replace the battery. In some cases, particularly if the equipment is old, the charger might need replacing along with the battery.

Parts for Power Equipment

Whether or not you purchased your mobility equipment from our store, our technicians can assist you in finding the parts you need to restore your scooter, lift chair, or power chair back to excellent working order. Many parts are interchangeable among brands, making it even easier to find the components you need quickly.

Some of the parts you can purchase include:

.   Multi-Purpose Battery Pack

.   Battery Docking Station Charger

.   Retractable Straps

.   Vehicle Hardware Kits

.   Hitch Extensions

.   Universal Hitch Riser Tubes

.   License Plate Kits

If you receive the wrong part by accident, please do not open it. You can return it as long as you have the receipt and the package has not been opened.

Local Service Technician Available

We have a local service technician available for certain types of repairs. It is necessary for you to contact us in order to determine whether our technician or a supplier technician is available to look at your mobility device. At the time of contact, you will need to provide as many details about your equipment and the problem as possible in order for us to determine whether or not we might be able to help.

Supplier Service Technician

If our service technician is unavailable to assist in the repair of your lift chair, power chair, or mobility scooter, a visit from a supplier service technician is arranged. One of our staff members can assist you in scheduling this repair or service or you can handle it yourself.

Parts and Service Warranties

Parts and service warranties are effective for the specified time only. The parts and/or serviced covered is clearly spelled out in your warranty documents. If you need a part replaced that you believe is covered by your warranty, please review your documentation prior to contacting us. If you cannot find your documentation, you may request that we check on whether or not you are covered for you.

Contacting Las Vegas Mobility Store for Service or Parts

For ore information on our services, please call. Before we can provide an estimate on the cost of your repair, we will need the manufacturer's name, the make, model, and serial number of the equipment, and a clear description of the problem you are experiencing. In some cases, an estimate cannot be given until we have examined the equipment in person.

Timely Response

If you contact Las Vegas Mobility Store through the contact form, someone from our service or parts department will respond in a timely fashion. Typically, someone attempts to respond within one to five days, depending on the nature of your request as well as on the time of day that you submit your response. We will help you to find reliable solutions and all of the parts you need in one dependable place whenever possible.