E-54 scooter with canopy

  • $3,550.00
  • Save $949

Want to be in style then this is the scooter for you.


The EW 54 by EWheels has got you covered. From plenty of storage space, a fantastic drive range, and amenities you would expect to find on a car, this scooter will meet all of your expectations and then some. What really sets the EW 54 apart from its competitors is its hard top and windshield for all-weather travel. Even standard features you'll find on a scooter are amped up with the EW 54. The EW 54 goes up to 15 mph and can travel up to 45 miles on a single charge. It has large pneumatic wheels and an impressive 6 inch ground clearance, so this scooter can handle a variety of terrains. As for controls, the EW 54 features a twist throttle design for variable speed control and three different speed settings. There is a push button for driving the scooter in reverse, a cruise control setting, and a comfortable foot brake for an intuitive driving experience. There are rear view mirrors, turn signals, high and low-beam headlight settings, and even hazard lights for safety. Enjoy music while you're out and about with a music system that features two stereo speakers and push button controls on the digital electric dashboard. You'll also have plenty of room to stow your belongings while you're on the move with the locking rear cargo box and a generous storage area beneath the seat. If you'll be leaving your EW 54 at any time while you're out running errands or milling about town, you can rely on the anti-theft alarm feature on your remote key fob. With the EW 53 you'll truly enjoy driving your scooter.

Max Speed: 15-18mph

Length: 70"

Width: 27"

Height: 62"

Weight Capacity: 500lbs

Tire Size: Front 13"x4" | Rear 14"x5"

Available in 3 colors-RED GREEN ORANGE