ew-80 Pretty in Pink

  • $3,499.99

Our Boutique Line (EW-80) includes  custom scooters that are sure to get some major attention. These scooters harken back to the 'happy days' of highly customized fast cars with exotic paint jobs and custom upholstered interiors. And these scooter are in fact FAST as well as being super good looking, providing an 18 MPH top speed with up 45 miles per charge! Each scooter arrives at your residence fully assembled and ready for you to ride in style!

The“Pretty in Pink”model will have your special someone feeling like a princess as she cruises around town. The body of the scooter is painted a brilliant pink, and has an accenting pink and white custom-upholstered reclining seat. As an option, to make this scooter visually pop are the rear view mirrors and the back bumper that have been adorned with thousands of hand-placed Swarovski Crystals! Beautiful, eye catching and truly unique in mobility scooters!!