• $15,999.99

Fully loaded wheelchair for all your needs

The Freedom Outdoor All-Terrain Wheelchair is the ultimate electric all-wheel drive 6x6 wheelchair. It is environmentally friendly, safe, quiet, tough and loaded with standard features. This rugged outdoor all-terrain wheelchair is designed to take you through most terrain that a person can walk on such as mud, sand, snow, and rocks. The chair's ability to operate seamlessly in both indoor and outdoor environments as well as fit though most standard sized doors, means the user can rely on one solution for mobility needs.

With two 24-volt 4-pole high-torque motors for outstanding low-speed torque, this all-wheel drive 6x6 has a total weight of 395 pounds and comes with a 12-volt accessory outlet as well as two 100-amp AGM batteries. The Freedom 6x6 has a 360-degree turning capacity from one stationary position. The run time varies depending on driving conditions, occupant weight, outside air temperature, and more, but about 3 hours of continuous run time can be expected. With built-in dynamic braking, electronic automatic parking breaks, as well as foot and leg area side protectors, Freedom 6x6 is the ultimate in safety. Battery charger is included. The maximum occupant weight for warranty is 250 pounds, and has a top speed of 6 miles per hour.