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Our 12V 18AH is a rechargeable battery, meets or exceeds the OEM SLA battery specifications. We supply brand new, factory fresh, high quality batteries. We guarantee the best price and quality for our 12V 18AH  battery . 12V 18AH  battery also includes a minimum of one year warranty and is UL listed as well. 

Our Sealed Lead Acid batteries are maintenance free and with non-spillable design with AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) technology. They are ideal for both cycle and standby use and can operate in any orientation. They are used for variety of applications and have a life expectancy between 3-5 years in standby use. 

If you need more help with purchasing 12V 18AH battery , please call our customer service department at (702) 330-3031 or e-mail us. Our staff consists of experienced and knowledgeable battery specialists who are ready to assist you. 

Buy your 12V 18AH battery with confidence today! You get superior long life battery and the best price on the market. We ship your order within 24 hours and the battery is in stock. 

NOTE: This is a Rechargeable Sealed-Lead-Acid (SLA) Battery. The picture shown above is for illustrative purposes only. To inquire about the availability of a specific brand, please contact us (702) 330-3031.

WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.