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24V-1.5AMP Drive Phoenix/Spitfire Battery Charger

by drive
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$180.99 - $180.99
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  • Charges all Drive Phoenix 3- and 4-wheel scooters
  • Charges Drive Spitfire EX 3- and 4-wheel scooters
  • Off-board and on-board charging is available
  • 24V 1.5AMP charger
  • Always charge the batteries to full capacity
  • Weight: 5 Lbs.


The Drive Medical battery charger is compatible with both the 3- and 4-wheel Phoenix models, as well as the Spitfire EX 3-wheel and 4-wheel. It can charge the scooter batteries while the batteries are either still connected and on the scooter through the charging port just below the handlebars or the battery pack can be removed and the charger can be plugged directly into the battery pack. A wall plug and plug to connect to either the scooter or battery pack are included with the charger. A full charge generally takes 8-10 hours and an orange LED light will change to green once the charge is complete.