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Pride Revo Battery Charger

by pride
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  • For the Pride Revo 3- and 4-wheel scooters
  • Charges the batteries on or off of the scooter
  • 24V 5AMP charger
  • Weight: 5 Lbs.


The Pride Mobility Revo Series Battery Charger is compatible with the Revo 3- and 4-wheel scooters. It is an offboard charger that includes a power cord for a standard wall plug and a cord that plugs into the scooter. Simply plug the charger into the wall and into the charger port on the right rear side of the scooter and turn it on, a full charge should take 8-14 hours. The batteries can also be charged when they are off of the scooter. Just remove the battery pack, plug one cord into the scooter and the other into the wall outlet and turn the charger on.